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This is not an essay this is like a paragraph about a topic you choose, It is personal writing so there would be no need to go online to do research, its as if you’re explaining your topic to someone, The topic I chose is Race. First, describe your topic that you have a personal interest in that not everyone is directly familiar with or aware of. How did you come to be interested in this topic? What types of information would an average person have about the topic? How might the average person be mistaken or misinformed about the topic? As an insider, what insights can you offer to help resolve any misunderstandings or misinformation? Next, try to identify at least one interesting insight about the topic you’ve chosen that might not be obvious or well-known to many people, including other “insiders” for your topic. How did you come to have that particular insight or viewpoint on the topic?

This is not an essay this is a long paragraph type of ass


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