Explore Art and Advertising

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Content curation is the gathering, organizing and online presentation of content related to a particular theme or topic. In these exercises, the class will be curating a collection of related materials by selecting content to share. The collection will be built around ideas drawn from the curriculum.

Your goal is to explore how the work of key art movements such as Expressionism, Dada, or Surrealism are used to influence viewers. In order to demonstrate your understanding, locate a specific example from contemporary advertising (magazines, television, etc.) in which the influence of surrealism (or one of the other key art movements) is apparent.

First, make sure you understand the terms by visiting this website (Links to an external site.).

Here is an example:

This is a fun advertisement that plays on surrealistic art style by bringing an inanimate objects such as a sneaker to life. Massively out of scale to the real-life object, the sneaker takes on gestural abilities, using a shoelace like an arm to reach out to a skate-boarder. I can’t decide if the skateboarder is taken aback by this interaction or is stunned by the gigantic shoe. Either way, it’s an interesting advertising ploy and the connection between product and potential client is identified. (Source (Links to an external site.))

The Task:

1. Post the image AND the URL so others can view them – try not to duplicate each other. Write a paragraph or two explaining the connection between art and advertising goals. (20 points)
3. Your post should be a minimum of 250+ words and you should cite resources used. (5 points)


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