Explore a music of Latin America or the Caribbean other than reggae, art & design homework help

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– answers doesn’t have to be long as long as you answer them correctly.

– be clear on what you write, make it easy to understand. USE YOUR WON WORDS.

– after you bid my question I will post examples of how you answer should look like


Please respond to both questions 1 and 2.

1. Explore a music of Latin America or the Caribbean other than reggae, ska, reggaeton. Describe the instruments or voices used, the unique rhythm, and tempo. Is the music a traditional music or is it a blended music, fused with other traditional musics? Do an online search to research your music, its history, its origins, rhythms, instrumentation. Please avoid using Wikipedia. Post the URLs of your sources and post a YouTube clip of an example of the music.

Examples: tango, samba, cumbia, danzon, son, calypso, mariachi, la banda, bossa nova, corridos, bolero, merengue, habanera,……..

Please entitle your response with the music you explore.



2. Carlos Santana recorded what is arguably the most familiar version of “Oye Como Va” in 1970, a year after his successful performance at Woodstock and the release of his debut album.

Compare/contrast the elements of music used in Puente’s original and Santana’s version (Ch 1-6): instruments/tone color, rhythm, tempo, form, melody/pitch, band or ensemble, other aspects.

Identify specific areas in which Santana’s version differs from Puente’s. How do the solo improvisation styles relate to and/or differ from those heard in the Puente original recording?

Go to YouTube and find another musician or musical group performing ‘Oye Como Va’ (not Santana or Tito Puente, Sr.). How is this performance the same or different from Santana’s or Tito Puente’s? You will find performances of ‘Oye Como Va’ performed by Tito Puente, Jr., Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Celia Cruz, Natalie Cole, Eliana Elias, Ringo Starr, and others


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