Explain why you are pursuing a doctoral degree, Doctoral Journey help

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To prepare for this Assignment, review the
Learning Resources for the week, including the “Introduction to the
Doctoral Journey” media, and consider the various aspects of your life,
including your professional and personal commitments, your goals and
reasons for pursuing your DBA degree, how you manage your time, how you
handle stress and change, how prepared you feel to begin your doctoral
journey, etc. Use the Personal SWOT Analysis Worksheet Template within
the Learning Resources to complete this self-assessment. Consider using
the tips mentioned in the “Managing from the Inside Out” video prior to
the completion of your Self-Assessment paper.

submit a 3-page Self-Assessment in which you do the following:

  • Explain why you are pursuing a doctoral degree.
  • Briefly describe the results of your SWOT analysis.
  • Formulate three goals you plan to accomplish as a result of (or in conjunction with) completion of your DBA degree.
  • Compose at least three personal or professional strengths that
    will aid you in achieving your goals and at least three challenges that
    might prevent you from reaching your goals.
  • Assess how prepared you are to overcome these challenges,
    including any strategies you have developed or resources you may draw on
    to help you achieve your goals.
  • Conclude why earning your DBA degree can not only help you to
    achieve your goals but can create opportunities for you as a global
    change agent to devise solutions to complex business problems and to
    effect positive social change in the world and/or your community.

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