Explain quality assurance and contract compliance issues business and finance homework help

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Explain quality assurance and contract compliance issues as it relates to technology, social media, e-learning and m-learning.

E-learning refers to using technology to support teaching and learning.

M-learning is a subset of e-learning and it refers to teaching and learning that take place in a mobile environment and provides for an environment that is device agnostic focusing on a device preferred by the user (whether handheld devices such as tablets and smart phones but also smart TVs, for example).

M-learning is learning that can take place any time/anywhere and on the device of choice of the user.

Consider how these new technologies are impacting how people and organizations learn and improve quality and compliance with the laws and regulations. Consider how training has changed with technology.

Find attached article regarding the Half-Life Learning Curves in the Defense Acquisition Lifecycle.


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