Executive Summary and Strategic Plan PowerPoint

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Executive Summary

1. Write a 500-750 word executive summary that seeks to spark interest in potential investors/stakeholders. The goal of the executive summary is to create an opportunity for investors/stakeholders to consider the full details of your Strategic Plan and then decide to provide support.

Consolidated Presentation

2. Create a consolidated Strategic Plan PowerPoint in 25-30 slides with speaker notes that is directed towards interested investors/stakeholders. Address Parts 1-7 (All attached) and include improvements from better understanding of the concepts, strategies, and instructor feedback.

Address the following:

  • The presentation seeks to explain how your competitive advantage is achieved through your strategic initiative plan. (1.1)
  • Describe why your organization’s mission and vision seek to promote the greater social good from a Christian perspective. How does your organization or perhaps even your plan accommodate an organization’s responsibilities to the greater social good, from a Christian perspective? (4.1)
  • Include how your plan address ethics, cooperate social responsibility, and sustainability.
  • Describe how your plan utilizes your leadership skills to encourage innovation within your organization. (1.4)
  • Include an explanation of the global and international considerations in your strategic plan.

Provide 3-5 sources in the presentation


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