Evaluate two alternative proposals for building a new superstore and a proposal to make a takeover bid for Helibeb plc. You have the option to build the superstore at one of two locations

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Discussion of target:

•How can our system of target-setting and our key performance indicators be used.

•Consider the balanced scorecard?

Remember you are discussing the process of setting targets. You do not actually have to propose any targets here


•Preferably S.M.A.R.T. ones

•The Addressee should preferably have some influence on whether they are implemented.

•But remember that this Addressee has limited powers, so the report must make it possible for the Addressee to make a strong case to someone else.

*NOTE, Use figures from your timed examination. This has been uploaded

* Minimum of 25 references using the APA referencing guide

*This report must be written in BRITISH ENGLISH. An example, Organisation is the correct british english and not Organization


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