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See below. You have the option answering the following by either an essay (with all requirements) or Powerpoint (with all requirements listed)

Select an historical event and evaluate it from the perspective of the three different types of historical methods Nietzsche outlines in On the Use and Abuse Of History for Life. Your analysis should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each historical approach. In your conclusion, please discuss how you feel this event could be interpreted in a meaningful way. How might this historical event be interpreted in keeping with Nietzsche’s plea that we employ history for the purpose of serving life rather than merely the past?

Project Format: You may address the prompt above in any of the two ways: A) You may write 1200-1500 word essay that addresses the project prompt, or B) You may create a 15- to- 20-slide presentation that addresses the prompt and includes speaker notes, images, and citations.

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