Essay on the Fire Next Time and ” The Fire This Time”: The New Jim Crow

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Read the essays The fire Next Time by James Baldwin, and “The Fire This Time” and or the essays from The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. You may also view the documentary “I’m not your Negro”:

Write an essay of your understanding of Race in The United States. Read the notes on Writing about Literature and Literary analysis. Your essay should be 500 words. You are not allowed to use the first person point of view.

Be sure to quote and cite sources correctly. You must have a works cited page, and you must have at least two sources in your works cited page.

Avoiding Plagiarism:

To avoid both accidental plagiarism and plagiarism proper, you must provide citation for all borrowed materials in your paper. Whether you quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from any source, you must provide citation indicating to whom the idea belongs. (See your Handout on MLA style.)

Along with the quotations and citations you have within the paper, known as in-text citations, you should provide a works cited page. Please see the handout on MLA Style. Do not compromise your integrity or risk your future by plagiarizing someone else’s work.

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