essay macroeconomics unemployment rate

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Essay 400 words

Article about Unemployment rate and the impact in the economy of United States, it could be from website.

The Articles Review are the written Gordon Rule component of the class.

For each article you must submit a 1-2 page summary/analysis of the article, the correct font is the following:

  • The Article Summary must be Typed double space. (APA Format)
  • One inch margins all around the page.
  • Font 12, Times New Roman or Arial ONLY.
  • Every article must have a Cover Page and a References page as requested in APA
  • Write it ALL in your OWN words, DO NOT COPY / PASTE anything, your grade will be severely penalized if you do so.

The Article Review is basically you explaining what the article author is trying to convey.It is an explanative summary analysis of the article.Use the following to guide you through writing the summary.Even though the article writing is not formal, this is a business class and we must write the article accordingly, refrain yourself from making the article summary too personal.

  • Introduce your article summary.
  • What is the article’s main idea.Explain / Summarize in your own words what is the article writing about.
  • What it the issue at hand, what is the author’s point of view, how is the author substantiating his opinion on the matter?
  • Want to get an “A” then use other sources if desired to talk about the same topic and expand the author’s article.
  • End it by providing your opinion on the matter.Do you believe the article is right/wrong and why, is there any right/wrong on this matter?Notice any claims you make must be substantiated by hard information, data that supports your claim.

They MUST include a references page and a cover page.Project MUST be APA style.The article is due on the due date as listed on page 1, NOT later.The use of Wikipedia, any other internet blog, question-answer website as a source in not acceptable.Make sure you use acceptable (recognized) sources.Your project will be checked for academic irregularities, you will receive a Zero if the project is found to be someone else’s partial or entire work. All LATE WORK will receive a SEVERE grade penalty, or may not be accepted.

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