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  1. Identify one or two topics, issues or problems at the center of Danticat’s novel
  2. Using Google or one of the CCC Library databases, locate one popular source (article, video or image) on the topic(s) you’ve identified.
  3. Using one of the CCC Library databases, locate one peer-reviewed article on the topic(s) you’ve identified.
  4. Review the strategies suggested in the (optional text) on pp. 102-111 in Academic Research and Writing (especially, pp. 108-111)
  5. Review pp. 198-214 in Understanding Rhetoric (optional text)
  6. Write an essay based on your chosen article(s)

Writing the essay:

  1. Craft an essay (six-paragraph minimum) that summarizes the purpose, central claim and key evidence as well as analyzes the authors’ biases and assumptions; the effectiveness of the evidence, organization and conclusions; and, the intended audience of the articles you’ve chosen. Make sure to conclude the essay with a paragraph or two that states the impact of reading the articles on your understanding of the novel.
  2. The essay should include a minimum of two paraphrases and two quotes from the articles you’ve chosen.
  3. Provide a Works Cited entry for the article at the end of your post.

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