Essay for History 1302 please read requirements.

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HIST 1302: Writing Assignment Please read all instructions carefully.

  • any instances of plagiarism will result in a failing grade (if you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism, please contact Professor Welty)
  • you must provide evidence in your essay

o Please refer to evidence in the film and cite it by indicating the time in the

film, which should be visible by pausing the stream. Cite the time in the film at the end of your sentence, as follows: (34:23). This should be the time in the film, not the time remaining.

  • you must offer your own analysis in your essay
  • as this is an academic writing assignment; please follow the following instructions:

o avoid contractions (e.g., do not use don’t)
o avoid being too colloquial and avoid slang
o use a person’s full name in his/her first mention and then use the last name

o write out numbers less than one hundred (including centuries: ‘eighteenth’

not 18th century)
o creativity is encouraged, but clarity is supreme

▪ if you are uncertain what a word means, you should refrain from using it (or look up its meaning and then use it if appropriate)

o avoid switching between verb tenses
▪ for most historical writing, the past tense is most suitable

o avoid large block quotations

  • you will submit your essay via Blackboard (a hard copy is not required)
  • your essay should be between 350 and 650 words—do not exceed this limit by morethan 10% (doing so will lower your grade)
  • your essay’s heading must include: your name, the name of the assignment (Option#1 or #2), class & section number, the word count, and the date (you may include a title, but it is not required)o each element of your heading should be on its own line, beginning with your full name on the top left of your fist page (a title page is not required and should be avoided)
  • you must upload a Microsoft Word file with the extension .doc or .docx or a PDF o if you do not comply with this, your essay will be given a zero
  • If you select this option, you will watch one episode of this series and write an essay evaluating its content.
  • You may select any of the episodes, but the recommended episodes are: 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Depending on the episode you select, you will focus your work on Theodore,Franklin, or Eleanor Roosevelt, with some episodes featuring more than one of the figures.
  • In your first paragraph, please write a concise summary of the entire episode,identifying key person(s) and events covered in the film. Your reader should not be left wondering if you viewed the film or not. Be certain to identify the episode that you watched.
  • In your second paragraph, you should address this question:
    o What events, which shaped this era, were presented in the episode? Explainand analyze the events’ importance.
  • Please address the following questions in your third paragraph:o How did their context shape the main figures in the episode? o How did they react to their context and events of the period? o What surprised you about the figure(s) in the episode?
  • In a short fourth paragraph, please answer these questions:
    o What aspects of his/her/their character were emphasized?
    o What did you find admirable and/or regrettable about the person?
  • In a substantial fifth paragraph, you will address the following questions:
    o How would you evaluate the filmmaker’s presentation of the figure(s)? Did the treatment seem objective? Did you detect any bias? Please explain your evaluation.

here is the link for the video that MUST be seen in order to answer the essay question.

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