Essay answering the following questions

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Summary: For this assignment, you will analyze a Supreme Court case dealing with civil liberties. In 2-3 page paper format, you will answer the following questions:

  1. Which amendment from the Bill of Rights does this case relate to and why? (It might be
    more than one amendment)
  2. What factors led up to the case?
  3. The result of the case? What did the Supreme Court decide in this case?
  4. What effect does this case have on society?
  5. Do you agree with this decision? Why or why not? Do you believe society has been
    positively or negatively impacted by the Court’s ruling?
  6. Has this case personally affected your rights?
  7. What could have been some alternatives to this decision?

The evaluation of this paper will occur in two parts: one, with the AACU Rubric and data collection tool.

Two, for grading purposes, with the following checklist:

1. __________ (20 points) Paper includes minimum of 5 paragraphs
2. __________ (20 points) Case and Ruling along with background are clearly defined
3. __________ (20 points) Impact of Court Decision on Society Presented With Three Separate Points
4. __________ (20 points) Statement of Personal Impact Included and Discussed
5. __________ (20 points) Minimum of Two Alternate Decisions Provided as a Summative Conclusion

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