Essay about Is the educational system failing boys, or are boys failing themsel

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** If you do not have the 2011 (8th ed.) of The Longman writer, here are links to

these selections: Garibaldi’s,

and Kimmel’s,

  • How
    does each author incorporate outside sources into his writing to help show
    what “They Say” and what “I Say”? Are their positions clear regarding
    where they stand on the causes leading to declining success of boys in
  • Of the
    two authors, who do you think makes the better case? Why is that argument
    more convincing? What evidence do they present to support their positions?
  • Consider
    your own position on gender bias in education. How did you arrive at this
    position? What evidence do you have to back up your position?

The Assignment:

Write a 1- to 2-page essay that demonstrates how evidence
reinforces a position in response to a reading by responding to the following

does society’s responsibility end, and where does personal responsibility begin
for choices made by individuals? Is the educational system failing boys, or are
boys failing themselves?”

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