essay 3: synthetic arguement

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Assignment Objectives

Students will complete this assignment by writing an essay that answers the question “why should I care about immigration.” Your answer must be supported by any of the documentaries we watched in class, the Atlantic article, or the Fresh Air podcast we listened to in class. That podcast must be used as some sort of support for your thesis, in addition to one more source from either your own research OR the sources provided on the first two assignments. Students’ essays should 1) have a thesis statement that answers directly the question you choose to answer, 2) support that thesis with specific details from at least two sources that were assigned and 3) summarize, paraphrase, and quote from the readings adequately to complete the task.


Building on the skills you practiced in the first two essays from this course, here you will have the opportunity to compose a fully formed argument. Argumentative writing is essential to academic and public discourse. In argumentative writing, authors present a claim that answers a question or proposes a solution to a problem and then defend that claim with evidence. Being able to support your claims is an important part of being a scholar, critical thinker, and all-around good citizen. This assignment gives you practice with making an argument based on taking a position on a debatable issue. It also provides some practice in preparation for ENGL 1102, which will emphasize this kind of writing.


Simply put, this assignment requires you to write an argumentative essay that answers the question “Why should I care about immigration” and quote at least two of the designated, assigned readings (viewings) from this class as support for its answer.

Must include Support from Fresh AirHow America Became a Nation of Immigrants”…

AND at least ONE of the following below:

Atlantic Article:…

John Oliver:

Family Separation:

Border Patrol:

Immigration Courts:

Op Docs:………

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