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Write a three to five (3-5) page paper, not including reference page, on the role of religion in the modern world. You may pick any single topic of interest to you provided it focuses upon how religion is a presence in the modern world. AGAIN, THINK “CURRENT EVENTS”. The difference between this paper and Assignment 1 is that this paper will be on a single topic and you will analyze in more depth the subject, as opposed to the opinion you developed in your first paper.
You may use some of news articles collected for Assignment 1 as a starting point, but this is optional.

You should justify your arguments with logic and examples and must include no less than three references of works cited, whether they are from books, news articles, or other. There is no need to turn in your articles for this paper; the reference page will suffice.

Be neat and organized in your presentation.

You will be graded in the following manner: 25% spelling and grammar
25% logic of argumentation and research
25% overall neatness and organization
25% accurate understanding of material

you did Assignment 1

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