English Week 14

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Discussion Forum 14 – Assignment 1


In this, our antepenultimate forum (antepenultimate is a word I don’t get to use often enough!), I’d like you to choose two sources from your annotated bibliography and post just the citation information in your own post: no annotation and no working thesis. That’s all. Be sure your sources are properly formatted.

Then, in your replies, I’d like you to judge the reliability of the sources in at least three of your peers’ posts (six sources total). Make sure you comment on the factors discussed in our online text (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and think about things like publication date, author credentials, type of source and publisher. Is this a source with a known bias one way or another? You don’t need to look up or read the source (so how it’s written and what it says won’t apply). What I want to know is what you can tell from the source just from the works cited information.


Writing Journal 14: The Annotated Bibliography – Assignment 2


Your annotated bibliography is the second major step in most research projects; it shows your professor you have been doing your research and are progressing from research questions to answers: your working thesis statement (which may be honed or refined with more research).

The annotated bibliography must be in MLA format. Include a working thesis and at least five sources in alphabetical order. After each source, include a very brief paragraph explaining what the source is about and how you will use it. I’ve posted my own example to this week’s activities for you to review.

I recommend you get your sources from the Chaffey Library databases. Not only are they highly credible, but most have citation tools that do the work of citing the source for you. For research papers, I recommend starting with Gale Virtual Reference (which is a collection of encyclopedias), and then moving to Academic Search Complete. There are librarians available to chat (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. at certain hours of the day to give you direct help, too.


[Note: you will not be able to access the “Chaffey Library databases”.]

https://www.pdfhost.net/index.php?Action=Download&… – Professors sample of Annotated Bibliography

Thank You.


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