English 103 Assignment, Logical Fallacies.

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Please Read these instructions clearly:

Please read “Avoiding Logical Fallacies” in Chapter 19 of THE WEST GUIDE pp. 314-320.

Your assignment instructions are on p. 320 in the gray box (It’s the same thing that I’m gonna write below in the more in depth instructions). Please write up TEN of the logical fallacies in Steven Rhoads’ article, “What Fathers Do Best.”

The most important aspect of this assignment is that you EXPLAIN why certain points he makes are fallacies. BE SPECIFIC. This can be in list format with brief paragraphs of description to explain. It need not have an introduction or conclusion, but it must have explanations paragraphs for each fallacy.

TEN fallacies gets full credit.

More in Depth Instructions, please read clearly:

Write a formal assignment on the logical fallacies you find in Steven Rhoad’s “What Fathers Do Best.” The article appears in our textbook on p. 323(Attached).

Please list all of the fallacies you find in the article, where you find them, and then EXPLAIN why they are fallacies. Label the fallacies using the names in our textbook, pp. 314-325 (Attached) in the Logical Fallacies section of Chapter 19 “Advanced Modes of Argumentation.”

For example, “Steven Rhoads appeals to tradition when he states, ‘…”

BE SPECIFIC. Continue all the way to the end of the article. Don’t lose steam. Remember that there can be more than one fallacy even in a single sentence. Be as thorough as you can be. An introduction and conclusion are not necessary. This is a list with paragraphs of explanation.

OPTIONAL : Watch the video lecture on “Victims from Birth” to see the professor teach how you find fallacies in an article. The Video:

I have attached the pages in the book that are required for this assignment.


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