eng215 week 3 discussion RESPONSE, English homework help

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Please respond to this post in 5 sentences or more agreeing, disagreeing, or adding more to it.

Hello, Class, Professor, My 1st website is HBR.ORG–HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW–Targeted audience–Business community on all levels, Updating information–

bi-monthly informational up dates, new articles in magazine form., Use of professional peer reviews–Brand Companies–Information’s accuracy, relevance, & thoroughness–Several Contact ways–Social Media–WWW.HBR.ORG, Twitter:@HBR,@Harvard Biz–FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN: HBR, &OR HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW –Phone: 800.988.0886 EMAIL: customerservice@hbr.org, editors@hbr.org, designers@hbr.org, publishers@hbr.org

2nd website–Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents & Survivors–Targeted audience: Veterans, their families, representatives/caregivers,–businesses & organizational supporters. Updating Information: yearly catalogs, pamphlets,–Use of professional peer review: Other Government Agencies, State, City, Municipal, Mayoral– U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs–Internationally/Local-Philadelphia is the leading Regional Office–RO-310–Informations accuracy, relevance & thoroughness–refer to the catalog contains 24 various websites or go to ebenefits-www.ebenefits.va.gov–Information or www.insurance.va.gov.

3rd website: National Women’s History Project.–Targeted Audience: Women Everywhere in Labor & Business –Updating Information: Gazette Newspaper, Pamphlets, Womens Resource Catalog–Use of professional review: Other women nationally–Informations accuracy, relevance & thoroughness.Go to www.nwhp.org, also–Women in business: www.CentralMontgomerycountyBPW.org.


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