Effective Leadership in Today’s Digital World

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Effective Leadership in Today’s Digital World

In the current digital era, technological changes have influenced leadership effectiveness in various ways. Thus, the understanding of effective leadership within the digitalized world or culture revolves around leaders having the power to inspire, encourage, engage and lead others with clarity and optimism (Hensellek, 2020). As a result, the need for effective leadership remains as maintaining focus on building leadership communication skills, encouraging autonomy among team members, and identifying objectives. Salvetti & Bertagni (2020) reveal that corporate leaders operating under the wave of digital transformation are enhancing their effectiveness through digitalized teamwork, start-up cultures, and matrix management.

In this topic proposal, the intended study issue to address is the adaptability to handle pressure and constant changes and taking decisions with agility. The effectiveness of digital-based leadership enables a leader to avoid losing the significance of various projects via faults. According to Salvetti & Bertagni (2020), the roles of young leaders in the current complicated and digitalized leadership settings need more agile models or teams to cultivate a dynamic mindset that can promote digitalized collaborative partnerships and effectiveness.

Leadership and technology are the general areas of study within which the research falls. This area has rich sources of the current state of knowledge and dominates the current global debates. For instance, the current research by Kane et al. (2019) shows that digital transformation requires influential leaders to think like innovators to avoid failures. Innovative leadership allows employees or followers to attempt new things and adjust to technological changes. Thus, the best effective leadership needed for the current digital disruption era allows a leader to understand the past leadership challenges toward gleaning the learned lessons (Kane et al., 2019). An exemplary blend of leaders possessing the core skills based on past insights, but with the agile mindset and digital savvy forms leadership that offers the changes needed by people.


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