Education class questions

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Teaching young children is a very rewarding career.
Professionals who choose to work in the field of early childhood education
typically make this choice for personal reasons. Often early childhood
professionals teach young children because of their commitment to make a
difference. At the same time, teaching young children can be challenging.

Let’s talk about this…what does this mean to you? What are your
experiences with the joy and challenges of teaching young children? Whether you
are just beginning your journey in the profession or you have had experience
teaching young children already, this is a meaningful conversation. Reflection
and sharing can contribute to a deep sense of personal understanding and

  1. , you will reflect based on where you are at in your
    journey as an early childhood professional.
    1. Am new to early childhood education and do not have
      direct experience in the field, answer these questions:
      1. Your best friend asked you why you have decided to go
        to school for early childhood education, what 3 reasons would you tell him/her?
      2. At the same time, your best friend asked what you
        worry about the most going into the field of early childhood education,
        what 3 things would you tell him/her?

I need about 7 sentnces

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