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The following quote from Half the Sky accentuates one of the difficulties girls face in achieving literacy.

“My parents were ill, and they couldn’t afford sending me to school. Since I am the oldest child, my parents asked me to drop out and help with the housework.”

Explain why it is important to educate girls in LDCs. Discuss strategies that might be implemented to facilitate higher levels of female literacy.

Directions: Respond to the above question in an essay of no less than 600 words. Each essay must show evidence of the reading assignment having been read and the film having been viewed. The last statement of the essay must be a question of no less than 20 words, which is addressed to all participants in the class, relating to the subject being discussed. Submit only one posting on this Discussion Board, which is the 600+word response to the question above and the 20 + word question that follows.

Each student is allowed to submit only one posting in this forum. Students submitting more than one posting in this forum will receive no points for this assignment. Students not meeting the minimum-word requirements will receive no points for this assignment. If students wish to use information from assigned readings (or any other source), paraphrasing is required; students quoting any material from the assigned readings (or any other source), will receive no points for this assignment. Attached documents are not accepted

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