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Part 5 is the final version of your Literature Review. This 1,200 – 1,400-word final draft should include (1) an introduction along with a thesis statement, (2) sectioned paragraphs that begin with topic sentences that introduce the key issues/sub-issues you identified in your analysis and synthesis, (3) source identification and ample evidence in the form of examples, paraphrases, and brief quotes, (5) a conclusion, and (6) a Works Cited page.

Be sure you include at least six sources in your Project 3 Final Version. Your six sources should include a combination of public and scholarly sources. Your instructor will outline the preferred format guidelines for your literature review.

As you revise your Project 3 Literature Review, remember that your purpose is to demonstrate your understanding of the current state of thinking on your research topic.

Skills & Strategies

This Part 5 assignment will help you to

  • recognize the importance of revision as part of the recursive writing process
  • synthesize peer and instructor feedback and make revision decisions
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of your intermediate draft
  • expand research as needed
  • further develop organizational strategies that contribute to the effective delivery of information and presentation
  • expand and strengthen your Literature Review by reconsidering and/or building upon the required essay components and by using the skills and strategies you’ve learned in project parts 1-4.

Description (and Step by Step)

Part 5 asks you to synthesize peer and instructor feedback and make revision decisions. As revisions are a major component in the recursive writing process, your revisions should be substantial and include both global and local concerns.

In revising your Project 3 Literature Review, consider the following questions and steps:

  1. How might you more fully integrate key issues and literature details?
  2. In what ways can your introduction be stronger? Check to be sure that you have explained the overarching focus of your literature review and established why your research topic is important.
  3. How might your thesis more significantly reveal the current thinking on your research topic?
  4. Review the organization of your literature review. Check to be sure the body of your literature review is divided into the key issues and sub-issues you identified in your analysis and synthesis of the current literature and introduced by topic sentences.
  5. What added details are needed to further your analysis and contribute to the evidence?
  6. Check that you have included source identification and ample evidence in the form of examples, brief quotes, and paraphrases. Add details as needed.
  7. Look for any quoted passages that are too lengthy. In your revision, consider paraphrasing and summarizing, only sparingly quoting when something is said in a particularly unique way.
  8. How smoothly do you move from one paragraph to another? Consider clear transitions as you introduce sub-issues and sources.
  9. What citations are still needed? Recheck the required citation and format guidelines.
  10. In what ways can you strengthen your conclusion so that it highlights the presented evidence and demonstrates any possibilities for future research/action?
  11. How complete and accurate is your Works Cited page? What revisions need to be made?

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