Drug Abuse and Terrorism, discussion help

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Drug Abuse and Terrorism” Please respond to the following: specify the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of using marijuana to treat medical illness. Next, take a position on whether or not health care organizations should use marijuana to treat medical illness. Provide a rationale to support your response. Discuss three (3) ways in which terrorists obtain financial backing to support their terrorist activities. Next, suggest one tactic that local law enforcement agencies could take in order to prevent terrorist financing overall. Provide rationale to support your response.

White-Collar Crime and Bribery versus Extortion”Discuss the key elements of identifying white-collar crimes. Next, determine at least two (2) federal criminal statutes that government agencies commonly use to convict white-collar criminals, and specify the main reasons why government agencies commonly use the statutes in question. Justify your response. Define the key difference between the crime of bribery and the crime of extortion, based on the federal bribery and extortion statutes. Next, specify the necessity of defining the difference that you have defined. Justify your response.

Gang Activity in Urban Areas During this week’s reading we examined the gang presence in larger cities. Using your textbook and this week’s reading, compare and contrast three (3) reasons why some gang problems become increasingly more serious in some cities while in others they do not. Next based on where you currently live, research the nearest large city near you and its various gang problems then provide a 200 to 500 word response describing how your city compares and contrasts to one (1) other city of similar demographics. Read the case study titled, “Drugs, Guns, and Disadvantaged Youths: Co-Occurring Behavior and the Code of the Street” found here. Based on this case study, name three (3) distinctive features of gangs within cities then propose two (2) features you believe are most relevant when depicting gangs in cities. Justify your response.

Gang Prevention” Prior research has established that there is a cumulative effect of risk factors on both youth violence and gang membership and as a result risk factors in multiple domains increase the probability of youth violence and gang involvement. Using your textbook reading from Chapter 9, speculate three (3) effects of cumulative risk, including risk in multiple domains, on youth violence, and gang membership. Next provide a 200 to 500 word summary comparing and contrasting the extent of whether the patterns are similar or different for youth violence and gang membership.View the video titled, “Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma—Introduction” located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8vZxDa2KPM then in your own words describe three (3) risk factors that depict the extent of exerting violence in kids. Next debate whether or not the risk factors for youth violence are similar or different from those for gang membership. Provide support for your response.


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