DQS WEEK 2………………….

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Imagine a room in your residence as a set for a movie. Select only one room, please, inside of the house. For example, the hallway or patio is not a room but the kitchen is a room. Consider what the set would communicate nonverbally to an audience about your lifestyle, please, and why. 

Consider what elements would be most revealing on the set. Then, complete the following, please:

1. Use third person to objectively narrate the set of the room in a reply to this message in one paragraph. Try to avoid personal references or adjectives that note what you think about the objects, specifically, and to simply describe the objects, clearly. In other words, do not use first or second pronouns and your personal opinions of the data you will describe as much as possible to offer students in the course an objective view. Edit the description carefully before posting to communicate the nature of the space, please. The space is the main focus and most important to develop in your paragraph. First and second person use should not be present.

2. Write another paragraph about how sets reveal tone or mood in films. Only select one of the two components to discuss, please. Why is understanding moods or tones in cinema helpful when composing set designs? How can film editing can contribute to the success or failure of movies based on your experiences of designing a set description when considering tones or moods? Recall from the course materials forum that the library has wonderful scholarly sources to help note the value of either selection in cinema in addition to the text, please.


Objects, people, and ambient sounds can compose movies’ sounds. Think about how the tools of different sound types contribute to cinema. 

Then, please:

1. Identify one dramatic or animated or science fiction film not mentioned in the class prior at all in discussions or the text so far this term. Research and study how movies use invisible sound, visible sound, and ambient sound, effectively. These are the three primary sound types we will examine in the course as a basis of understanding how sound can impact audiences viewing cinema. You are welcome to elect a film you have seen and know well for the primary sound type analysis so that you can enjoy creating research from the library or course text!

2. Type at least one clear and detailed paragraph for each sound type you examine, which will total three detailed paragraphs, and recall that the library includes detailed scholarly support available for your analysis to have illustrations. Include at least one scene in each detailed paragraph from the movie to help explain your analysis for each primary sound type. I think it can be helpful to consider why editing for effective sound inclusion is important in cinema. I recommend thinking carefully about the primary sounds used especially for specific genres. 


Consider how primary sound types in films manipulate audiences. This week, we will continue to objectively examine primary sound types, cinematically. I am excited to get started since American and foreign films have great cinematic components of sound to consider for this discussion!  

Write one detailed paragraph about how one specific primary sound type we have studied prior did not manipulate audience reactions well in a comedy, horror, fantasy, or science fiction film. Include a scene from the film to illustrate your ideas, please. Indicate the reasoning. 

Please, read the past requirements regarding the primary three sound types from last week thoroughly to learn what the specific sound types are and to substantially contribute, or you may not complete the discussion question correctly. Only elect one sound type of the primary types noted last week in the directions, and do not use a film that has been discussed in the class in any manner prior, please. Many films are present to discuss in the course that can positively enhance our learning and that I look forward to your examining this week in the course!


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