Do Sports Build Character? , English homework help

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Attached Below the rubric: Moral Reasoning in the Context of Sport. MANDATORY TO READ AND INCLUDE IN YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR EITHER ONE.

Do sports build character?

Write an essay (500-750 words) discussing the question does participation in sports build character? Your opinion needs to be supported by research that you have completed on the topic and the research needs to be cited at the bottom of the paper. Please refer to the grading rubric below. It is important that you include both sides of the argument: does sport build character? Remember there are two sides to character….. good/bad, positive/negative.

Suggested websites to check out: Links to an external site. – Positive Coaching Alliance Links to an external site.– Center for Character & Citizenship at University of Missouri-St. Louis Links to an external site.– The Center for the Advancement of Ethics and Character at Boston University to an external site.

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