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1. Identify the current CEO and describe tenure, compensation, background and organizational impact. Also identify the members and positions of the external or independent board of directors.

2. Analyze a recent real world business issue and decision that had a significant impact on the company and especially their global market.

3. Identify any and all ethical concerns that are presented by this issue and what steps by leadership were made to mitigate the ethical concerns.

4. Highlight the current markets, countries, or companies that may have benefited or suffered a strategic loss as a result of this issue.

5. What strategic management principles were created, shaped, or developed as a result of the analysis of this issue.

6. Analyze the results of this decision.

7. Make a prediction about the long term impact of this decision and impact on the prospects of the company.

8. Analyze the recent ethics situation of Disney – either positive or negative.

Minimum of three references.

3-4 Pages APA 6th Edition


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