Discusssion: Product Life Cycle Analysis

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All products go through a typical life cycle from introduction to decline. The life cycle may be just a few days or months (clothes) to decades (airplane). Regardless of the span of the life cycle, operations managers must perform the same task: to plan and build a system that successfully introduces the new product to the market.

For this activity, select an existing product that is currently available in the marketplace. Analyze and discuss the full life cycle of your chosen product. Indicate where in the life cycle your product stands and project when the product’s life cycle will end.

Post & Respond

Post your product analysis and include at least one reference to support your arguments. Review your classmates’ analysis and respond to at least two of them. In your response discuss whether you agree or disagree with the:

  • Analysis of where the product is in the life cycle.
  • Projected length of the product.

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