Discussion – Tech Tools

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You notice that the company is not taking as much advantage of technology as it could. This has caused delays and setbacks that could have been avoided. You have spoken with your supervisor, and you know that there is room in the budget, so you decide to research some different types of technology and collaboration tools to help streamline some of the processes and improve communication.

Report on two types of technology that you feel could help improve efficiency and communication. Discuss the features and benefits and explain how they would be useful to the business. Be sure to give credit to the sources of information you used.

To research the topic of business technology and collaboration tools, you can utilize your favorite search engine and the Rasmussen library databases, such as:

When searching the library’s databases, try search terms such as:

  • Business technology
  • Business software
  • Business communication and technology
  • Communication and technology
  • Collaboration technology

To ensure your information is current, in the library databases your search results can be narrowed by date. Consider narrowing your results to the last 3 years.


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