Discussion response/feeedback needed for Professor’s post

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“To maintain a competitive edge in the market-place several factors should be in place.

A business’s mission statement is the heart of the business, and should advocate the importance of good customer relationships to main high customer retention. Sometimes an organization’s mission statement lays dormant in an organization.

However, the marketing department should ensure that the organization’s mission statement is visible and understood by all employees. In doing so, this would help the entire organizational community to move in a constructive direction to increase an organization’s competitive edge.

Moreover, sometimes a business becomes complacent, regarding the organization’s mission and purpose and this type of behavior may cause an organization to lose valuable customers, and decrease a business’s competitive edge.

In addition, time and speed is everything, regarding the delivery of goods and services.

I cannot stress how important good customer care is to a business, regarding maintaining a competitive edge. Moreover, I believe that businesses should provide ongoing training programs for employees, to encourage good customer care.

Your thoughts”

(please provide good quality and original response. Thank you!)


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