Discussion regarding the Era of Reconstruction

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  • Right after the Civil War, the vanquished South immediately began to dig in, to defy, to strenuously resist the inevitable. Profound social, political, and economic change was on the way. Perhaps most revolutionary was the restructuring of race relations. From your readings (and if you will, from any further inquiry applying your considerable skills at internet research) discuss the many ways southern whites sought to prevent a change in race relations. The most obvious instances of defiance were the infamous “black codes” and the organization of various terrorists rifle clubs (the most infamous of course being the KKK).
  • The era of Reconstruction, generally dated from 1865 to 1877, was a transformative period of revolutionary magnitude. Indeed, some historians call it the “Second American Revolution.” In a minimum of 500 words do your best to summarize the major politicalevents.

3. With emancipation, freedmen sought to immediately redefine their lives in freedom. From the readings and any further inquiry you may pursue through internet research, explain how freedmen proceeded to build new lives. What did they do in their newfound freedom?


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