Discussion Question #5 – Matching Career to Personality: Who Do You Think You Are?

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Concerning career development in Chapter 11, Belsky mentions the importance of matching one’s job to her/his personality. It can be easier said than done, of course, as living on an economic platform around most of the world often “forces” people to find and sustain work that may or may not be completely desirable or fitting for them, much less give everyone the opportunity to carve a certain path, get on it, stay on it, and finally reach their dream job. In addition, even when people have found work that fits their personality, there is no guarantee that they will be happy performing a certain job.

All of us have individual personalities, and it has often been said that nobody knows us like we know ourselves. Some people seem naturally “wired” to work with tools or to manipulate machinery, while others enjoy analyzing information and collecting data. Whether or not a person is creative/non-creative, conforming/nonconforming, sociable/unsociable, or organized/disorganized, that person still has a flicker of interest inside for a particular stimulus (and associated stimuli), and probably would be more productive at a job and personally satisfied if afforded a role that aligns with her/his personality and interests.

In understanding the last statement above (and also knowing what your own core attributes are), think about John Holland’s classic theory of personality and vocational choice and how it could apply to your current developmental and occupational pursuits. Then, share with the rest of the class what your career interests and/or goals are, how you are going about your personal and professional development, and what you hope to achieve from your educational endeavor—while you are at Troy University and elsewhere.


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