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250 word for the discusion.

  • Choose a book, movie, play, or television show in which you think that the beginning was really weak.
  • Describe why you think that it was weak, and then describe how you think it could be rewritten and made stronger.
  • Write thesis first and in bold and chunk your information into paragraphs of 1-3 sentences.

150 word for each comment.

1 comment for this—–Spiderman Homecoming

The Beginning of anything determines its success or failure. In my opinion the beginning of Spider man home coming had a week beginning. I’m gonna criticize the beginning even though i loved the movie and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have always been a huge spider man fan and not having the origin story in the beginning of the movie really let me down.

The movie started with the antagonist getting a reason why it should be mad at government or anyone working for it (The avengers). Then it jumps to spider man and iron man talking in the car with Happy. Iron man is explaining when spider man will join him for future missions. Confused yet!!! Here is where my problem is, I’m in between because i love it and hate it.

The reason I think it has a week introduction is because as a regular movie goer or a non Marvel fan, if you were to watch this movie as a stand alone movie you will not understand anything they are talking about, who each character is and how spider man became spider man. I get that Marvel Studios said, well everyone knows who Spider man is and everyone has seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so lets not give them a proper introduction nor an origin story. That for me let me down, because even though i knew how spider man became spider man, i wanted to see that due to the fact that is a reboot of the original Spiderman.

So in my opinion it could have been written better by adding an origin story to et us know how the main character came to be. If it was my first time watching spider man i would be asking, how the hell did he get his powers.

1 comment for this—-Taxi Driver

The most important thing about an introduction is its ability to draw the audience’s attention to the content of your main point. Taxi Driver, although a cult classic, and stars one of the most respectable actors in America did not deliver a great introduction. The beginning of the movie sequence is long, and all over the place. The content of the introduction did not inform us what the movie was about, and the was structure of the movie was all over the place. I was lost throughout the movie.

The movie is based on a man named Travis Bickle who battles insomnia, and decides to work through the night as a taxi driver. You can tell by his character that he is a little paranoid, and takes drugs to stay awake. He was in the marines and was discharged honorably, but the movie did not disclose what he did to be discharged. He quickly becomes obsessed with a woman who is helping to campaign for a senator. When this woman dumps him, he then becomes obsessed about killing the senator. But somehow a prostitute grabs his attention and he ends up trying to save her, and kills people over her.

The introduction movie could’ve been better by having a clearer character breakdown. Maybe there could’ve been flash backs of who he was in the past from his family upbringing to his time in the war. I feel the movie depended on the audiences assumptions of what he is suppose to be.


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