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Discussion 1 Assignment

Chapter 2
Having read the Lecture Notes and Chapter 2, complete the following:

Please note, there is a time-out issue experienced if you simply generate your post
online. Therefore, it is best to create the post in a Word document, offline, and then
copy and paste the post online to the designated Discussion Forum topic area for this

Also, I have to remind you, ethically we shall not share what is stated in the confidence
of this course, however, please know what is posted online is forever available, so
please do not share any personal company information. We want to protect each other’s
right to privacy.

There are two Discussion Posts topics due:

1) Chapter 2 discussed “The Nature of Equal Employment Opportunity” (EEO).
Explain the effect of the organizational climate on human behavior and
organizational effectiveness with respect to EEO.

2) The chapter also covered the important and broad topic of diversity: the theories,
laws, regulations and multiple types, including how to manage diversity issues.
Describe an effective diversity management program and at least one success of
having such.

There is no requirement with regards to length or word count for each post, simply
convey a clear understanding of the chapter material and convey that
understanding through the required response.

Each post will be graded for understanding the topic, providing a clear discussion of
such, as well as utilizing Undergraduate level grammar.

Grade: 10% of total grade, along with accurate grammar


Title: Human Resource Management: Essential Perspectives

Author: Robert L. Mathis; John H. Jackson

Publisher: Cengage Learning


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