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this week’s readings we will explore the roles and responsibilities of
various organizations in identifying victims of mass disasters or
tragedies such as war. For your final case study project you will
identify and research the role of a forensic anthropologist (or several
forensic anthropologists) in a modern case. This week’s forum will help
you brainstorm about your final case study project and exchange ideas
with classmates.

1) Identify the specific forensic anthropology case you plan to research for your final case study project
2) Choose one outside source that identifies the role of the forensic
anthropologists in this specific case or a similar case. Provide a
summary of the forensic anthropologists role.
3) List two additional sources that you will use to complete your research for the final case study project.
4) Include one question that you have after completing the research for
this forum or one interesting piece of information that you found that
classmates may not know.

Helpful Hint: Be sure to choose a case that clearly
has a forensic anthropologist involved. It’s a common misstep to choose
a forensic science case that doesn’t link clearly with anthropology.


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