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In this learning activity, you will discuss some key ideas and questions with your classmates. By actively participating in the conversation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the course content and improve your ability to express your ideas in writing. The focus of this discussion is an article that is particularly relevant to our lesson this week.

In this lesson we looked the wonderful world of Child Care.

Step 01. In preparation for the discussion, I suggest you review the questions for discussion and attempt to answer them for yourself. As you read, you may also ask yourself new questions that you can later raise in the discussion.

Step 02. Please read the Boise City Childcare Facilities Ordinance: Specifically look at Section 5-33-09 Health and Sanitation Standards and Section 5-33-10 Safety Standards and then answer the following prompt.

Step 03. Draft a substantive response to the question below. Your post should demonstrate an understanding of the questions posed and ethical issues raised. Use APA format to cite any references.

1. If you were an inspector of a facility do you believe that these sections would give you adequate direction for conducting an inspection. If so then why and if not what would you wish could be added to the ordinance.

2. How helpful do you believe the Child Care Manual from Central District Health would be in making your inspection? Why or why not.


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