Discuss the various business imperatives in promoting diversity.

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4.1: Discuss gender differences in factors that influence career

Development (Powell, pp. 180-192).

4.2: Evaluate the factors that make a career successful (Powell, pp. 192-195).

Provide your own definition of a successful career. Does the definition

of a successful career differ for women and men? Why or why not?

4.3: In the context of Ch. 8, explain the concept of the glass ceiling (Review

Powell, p. 133). Can the glass ceiling be “broken from below” or does it

need to be “removed from above”? Will the glass ceiling always be present

to some extent, or do you envision a day when it will not exist?

Justify your conclusions.

4.4: Summarize Powell’s ideas for facilitating employees’ career success (pp.

199-206). To what extent do you agree or disagree with these conclusions?

Justify your responses.

4.5: Outline the pay-issues and non-pay issues of the sex discrimination laws

(Powell, pp. 213-221).

4.6: Discuss the various business imperatives in promoting diversity (Powell,

pp. 221-226).

4.7: Analyze the contribution of the following factors to organizational success or

failure in promoting equal opportunity and valuing diversity (Powell, pp. 226-

236): (A) Setting and communicating goals; (B) Identifying and rewarding the

right behavior; (C) stimulating employee involvement; (D) educating employees;

and (E) implementing cultural change.

4.8: Discuss the concept of reverse discrimination (Florence, pp. 32-36).

is there any evidence for a double standard when dealing with claims

of discrimination brought by men vs. women? With more women entering

the managerial ranks, how do you envision the future of reverse


4.9: Survey the history of legal decisions surrounding issues of sexual

orientation in business and society (Florence, Ch. 3), then evaluate the

the author’s conclusion presented on pp. 137-138.

4.10: Study the sections “Do We Have a Right to Privacy?”(pp. 149-153),

“The Legalities of Monitoring Employees” (pp. 159-162), and “Legal

Actions Against Privacy Violations” (pp. 172-179) in the Florence Text.

Summarize what you have learned from studying these sections


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