Discuss the idea of rating leaders, Leadership assignment help

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  1. Discuss the idea of rating leaders. If you were a supervisor, manager, or executive, would you want to be evaluated by your employees?

2. Discuss a Level 5 leader you know on the basis of personal humility and professional will. How does the leader demonstrate consideration and service as well as conviction and resolve?

3.) Evaluate an organization you know on the basis of product quality and service quality. Compare the results against those of its best competitors. Develop an action plan to stay excellent or improve.

These are to separated question into one document will be fine. Also put the references at the end of each answer.

Each question is to be 350 words each.

Format: intext citations are always inside a sentence. Here are three good examples:

Paraphrasing examples:

According to Manning and Curtis (2015), casting a vision is an important leadership action.

Casting a vision is an important element in leadership (Manning & Curtis, 2015).

Direct quote examples (notice the “quote” marks and page number):

Manning and Curtis (2015) state how “the first requirement for a leader is a strong sense of purpose” (p. 32).

Leadership has many requirements, but “the first requirement for a leader is a strong sense of purpose” (Manning & Curtis, 2015, p. 32).


Manning, G., & Curtis, K. (2015). The art of leadership (5th ed.). New York: McGraw Hill.

Tips for Complete Sections

The list of tips posted here is intended to communicate what I look for when I review your Complete questions.

1) Be sure to meet the assignment requirements–don’t lose points for the easy things like word count/source count/source type/etc. 2) Use key facts/ideas/concepts/theories/etc. from the textbook and research articles to craft your answers to each question.

3) Be sure you focus your answer to each question on the question. Please note, sometimes questions have multiple parts–answer all parts.

4) Be sure you use separate sentences to distinguish your source information from your application. In other words, you should cite sentences where you are presenting the facts/ideas/concepts/theories/etc. from the textbook or research articles. Then, in the following sentences you’d explain how that concept applies with examples/application/critical thinking.I am looking at how you engage the reading/research material and how well you demonstrate competency on that material in your answers. All the questions are designed to let you use the material to craft an answer. So…analyze the question well first and figure out what part of the material (you should have read the material at that point!) you can use to answer the question.


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