Discuss ch. 6-7 of Breaking Night (2 paragraphs)

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Carefully read through chapter six of Liz Murray’s true memoir, Breaking Night, before you complete this discussion response. Respond to the prompt questions below. Write a clear, organized, and effective paragraph for each question. Add details from the novel in the form of summaries, paraphrases, or quotations to support your ideas.

Chapter 6: Boys
Why causes Liz to become homeless?

Chapter 7: Breaking Night
“For others it came as a shock.” Why isn’t Liz surprised that she becomes homeless?

Note 1: Always edit carefully before submitting because your response will serve as an example to the rest of the class!

Note 2: You have the freedom of speech and expression in this course, and I encourage you to speak powerfully. I also urge you to choose your words carefully, be clear with your intended meaning, and be respectful of ideas, cultures, and experiences that may differ from your own.


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