DISC300: death of the lecture

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Watch the video, Death of the Lecture. (Links to an external site.)

Each of you will then post a question for class discussion as its own thread, so we should have 20 different threads and 20 different questions (at least). Then each of you should reply to several of the questions posted by your classmates. (Hit reply to this main post in order to create a new thread)

I won’t put exact numbers on the required involvement in terms of number of comments or a word count (people tend to “game” such systems). For example, if you write a really long comment and have a back and forth with several classmates and put in plenty of discussion, but only actually respond to one thread, that might be full credit. While responding with not well thought out, one-word responses to several questions doesn’t particularly add to discussion and may not receive a high grade.

The key is to demonstrate that you’ve put in some effort and thought and we can have a fruitful class discussion. This is going to be an ongoing trend through this semester. I suggest you use the first few assignments to calibrate your expectations. In other words, the first few assignments give you the chance to put out a certain level of effort and then receive feedback from me about whether that’s A or D level effort and for the rest of the semester we can all be on the same page.

This is perhaps the shortest assignment/lecture/video of the semester, but it’s quite relevant to all of us at the moment, so I do expect we will all have something to say. Don’t worry if you need to go off on a bit of a tangent or discuss things maybe not directly mentioned in this video, as long as it’s still close to the topic (i.e. related to online education).

You need to have your question posted by the due date (end of the day Monday the 30th), and I will grade the discussion Thursday. This is typically how this will go through the semester, with your main responses/questions posted by Monday, and then you have Tuesday, and Wednesday to engage in discussion, and by Thursday (so in this case, September 2nd). You can of course post prior to the due date, and engage in discussions prior to Monday. But knowing the procrastinating college student, many of the questions won’t even be posted until the due date, so we need some time built in for discussion to happen after that.


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