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Just need two paragraphs each

1. Part of a disaster recovery plan
may make some assumptions about the state of services provided to the
organization by third parties. In the event of a disaster as wide-spread as a
major hurricane or typhoon, what are some of the steps that an organization should
take to ensure its long-term viability? How does short-term recovery planning
differ from long-term viability planning?

2. What are some of the ways that
technology-based tools can support an organization’s operations in the face of
a disaster? For example, in banking, customers might be able to use Internet
banking to conduct their business, even if
the bank branch is closed.
What other technologies can an organization put in place or leverage to support
its operations? Pick an industry to focus on and think about what technologies
and services might work best for that industry. What critical points of failure
might still be present that limit the effectiveness of these tools?


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