disaster management research interview guide

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The assignment:

1. Explore your interpretations of the various forms of interview, and the possible application to the field of DMM, here. Collectively, conclude the best application for our purposes.

2. Display your Interview Guide (your crafted questions relating to your research question or hypothesis), Make sure to ‘annotate’ in your guide what specific information or data you are seeking! (in your threads)


Where to begin? Disasters are a social phenomenon , affecting society and its individuals. Investigating the needs and responses of the people to these stressors, as they perceive them, is a complex problem. Behavior analysis and observation can see the results of the affected persons’s thought process, but can it necessarily explain those thoughts and motivations?

One method of ‘getting inside someone’s head’ is to get them to reflect and attempt to explain their perceptions and logic, based on their beliefs. This is an incredibly important task. We do this through interviewing strategies.

This week, we will explore the many facets of interviewing, and begin to craft such a tool (interview guide) on our movement towards a trial study. The assignment requires you to think hard about who you would get data, and asks you to design your interview guide. A Pilot Interview should be the culmination of your preparation work this week.

Recommended Readings:

  1. Merriam & Tisdell Ch 5
  2. Tracy, S. J. (2012). Qualitative research methods: collecting evidence, crafting analysis, communicating impact. Ch 7 & 8

3. Brinkman (2014) Unstructured and Semi Structured Interviewing, Chapter 14: pg 280 (column 2 paragraph 4…) and pp 285-297. in Leavy, P. (2014). The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Examples from other students are attached. You can use them as a guide to the assignment. And critique (positive and possible misunderstandings) them in separated files.


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