Develop a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that assesses the current state of a team or group

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OVERVIEW: Develop a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation that assesses the current state of a team or group, and develop strategies to initiate and facilitate group change.


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  • The following chapters discuss some of the people dynamics involved in organizational change:
  • Chapter 7, “Reading Minds and Other Methods for Assessing Progress,” pages 95–107.
  • Chapter 9, “Master the Humble Art of Building Trust,” pages 120–135.
  • Chapter 7, “Managing Recipients of Change and Influencing Internal Stakeholders,” pages 215–255. This chapter discusses why change leaders need to understand how people react to change.
  • This video discusses a model for defining employee engagement.



In Assessment 3 you wrote a memo that maps out how your recommended changes will impact other roles within the organization and how to manage potential points of resistance to change. After your supervisor’s boss championed your recommendations in a series of meetings with other upper management, they have requested that you attend an upcoming meeting to present on strategies for approaching change within small groups and teams that may be impacted by your change recommendations. How can a selected group or team be made more effective and ready to respond to the implementation of your ideas for organizational change? What models of group effectiveness might provide a solid framework for this important preparatory work?

Select a team or group that is in need of change in your selected organization. Then complete the following in a PowerPoint presentation (with speaker’s notes) for senior managers in the organization:

  • Explain a model of group effectiveness in relation to the selected team or group.
  • Assess the current state of the team or group using the team effectiveness model you have selected.
  • Develop a strategy for helping the selected team or group become more effective by strengthening aspects of their performance as a change team.
  • Describe specific practical and actionable activities for improving the team.

Your presentation should be developed to support a central idea, with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.

Deliverable Format

Your supervisor’s boss requests that you keep your presentation to 7–10 slides. He has also asked that you include one strong academic reference to give your ideas research-based context and support, but keep it to just one—there is no need for a long references list in a quick presentation such as this. Since you are preparing your presentation for upper management and other interested stakeholders, you want this PowerPoint to be well organized and readable.

  • References: Support your analysis with one academic resource from the Capella University Library.
  • Length: Include 7–10 PowerPoint slides (with speaker’s notes), in addition to a references slide.
  • Written communication: Demonstrate graduate-level writing skills through accurate communication of thoughts that convey the overall goals of the presentation and do not detract from the message.
  • Correctness: Use correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a business professional.
  • APA Style: You must use proper APA style for in-text citations and to list your references.

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