details are below. all are multiple choice

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Which of the following does NOT describe iambic pentameter?

10 syllables per line

Every word at each line break rhymes

Alternates between stressed and unstressed beats

All of the above describe iambic pentameter

How many plays did Shakespeare write?





What was Shakespeare’s “special mechanical weapon”?


Printing Press

Writing Instruments


Where was Shakespeare born?





Where was Shakespeare born?





What was the name of the playhouse where Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed?

The Wickethouse

The Globe

The World Stage

The Queen’s Playhouse

Which of these words was NOT coined by Shakespeare?


Tongue Tied



What does Alexandra Petri believe Shakespeare offers?

A modern twist on old stories

Plays that are too dense and hard to understand for modern readers

A roadmap to the human

Nothing relevant

What does Adam Leipzig say is the least interesting thing about Shakespeare?

His sonnets

Whether someone else wrote his plays

His personal life

His lesser known plays

Why does Adam Leipzig say that Shakespeare’s work endures?

It captures the spirit of the human condition

It is infinitely adaptable

It is both funny and tragic

It is hard to understand the meaning

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