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health assessment data

Sue makes a home health visit to assess a newly admitted patient. As she begins the assessment, she notes that the patient has a 3-cm area on his right buttocks. Subcutaneous fat and tunneling is observable. The wound does not appear to be healing due to maceration. Additionally, the patient has a 2-cm necrotic area on his left heel and a 2-cm wound on his left elbow. The wound on the elbow is red, yellow, and black in color.

Related question #1

What causes maceration of a wound?

Related question # 2

What does Sue need to teach the patient and family regarding how to prevent maceration?

Related question # 3

What stage is the wound on the buttocks?

Related question # 4

How would Sue describe the necrotic area on the patient’s heel in the health record?

Related question # 5

What does the color of the wound on the elbow tell Sue about the status of the wound?

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