Deliverable 6 – Business Ethics

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Identify appropriate management practices that enable an enterprise to demonstrate its superior commitment to exceptional standards.


A local sports star has hired T&G Consulting for some advice, and you have been assigned to the project. This athlete is in need of a consulting firm because he wants to start a sports business and ensure there is no employment discrimination in his organization’s hiring practices. He intends to send out a press release soon, and he wants to communicate a pro-active recruitment plan.

You overhear a coworker of yours who is also working on the project say, “This is not an issue. He is so well-known, everyone will want to work for him. He doesn’t need a plan for a diverse and discrimination-free work environment.”

Part 1: You recognize that your coworker is mistaken. Compose an email to your coworker to explain why a diverse and discrimination-free work environment is such an important issue, describing legislation enacted by Congress to make employment discrimination illegal. Here is a library resource for help writing a professional emails.

Part 2: Your client wants to ensure that all employees know he is committed to a diverse and discrimination-free work environment. Design a code of ethics in regard to hiring practices for his new business, offering specific details.

Part 3: Write a brief report on the various ways to create a diverse and discrimination-free work environment. Clearly outline your recommended strategy. Describe what is expected from management as role models.

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