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OPRE 315

Homework 1

Please answer the following
questions giving all details:

1. A company manufactures
tablet computers. The company has created a new tablet model and it will be
available in electronics stores in a few weeks. Currently, the company is considering
different ways to advertise the product. What are the different media that can
be used to advertise the new model and what are the important factors in each
media that should be considered in making the decision?


2. Find
the slope, the y-intercept, and the x-intercept of the following linear
equations. Determine what type of line it represents: upwards, downwards,
horizontal or vertical.

(a) 4x
+ 2y = 25

(b) 2x
– y = 10

(c) 2y
= 100

(d) x =

3. Solve the following system
of equations using the graphical method. Also find the solution using the
method of elimination or the substitution method.

  3x + 2y = 7

  8x + 4y = 16

4. Find the feasible region
for the following system of inequalities.

+ y > 2

  8x + 6y ≤ 48


– Homework 1 is due by midnight Sunday, September 11th.

– Each student must solve
Homework 1 problems individually by himself/herself or within the team he/she is a member of. Please do not ask for
help from anyone else to answer any questions in this homework. Also, do not
share your answers with anyone except your team members.

– Please include all details
and steps performed to find your answers. Just writing the final answers will
not get you full credit.

– Some of the questions above
require drawing graphs. Here is a list of options for you to include a graph in
your answer.

Draw the graph using MS Paint
or CorelDraw or some other software. Copy the graph in a MS Word file and post
the file on the course website in appropriate category.


Draw the graph by hand on a
paper, scan it or take a photo and post it with your answer.


Describe the graph in words
in your answer.

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