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Decision Making Workshop Handout

Friesen & Maxson pointed out that most references to “God’s will” in our day-to-day conversations relate to God’s individual plan for a person’s life. Yet, the individual will is only part of the larger Will of God. And while similarities exist between God’s moral will and His individual will, Scripture seems to place more emphasis on God’s moral will.

Friesen & Maxson organized God’s moral will into two broad categories: Our Attitudes and Our Actions. The authors presented a table for organizing and analyzing a brief list of “God’s Will for our Attitudes” (p. 122). Based on your readings and knowledge of Scripture, create a table using the same general format and entitled “God’s Will for our Actions” (Actions table). List 8-10 actions that (a) represent in behavioral terms God’s character, (b) is fully revealed in Scripture, and (c) enables or equips believers for “every good work.”

To design a table in WORD, select Table from the top menu and Insert from the drop-down list. Select the number of columns and rows you want to include. You can add more or delete unused rows and columns later if desired.

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