Current Events: Appellate Analysis, Two pages, Supreme Court Nominees help

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Current Events: Appellate Analysis


1. Watch the following video:

The Bias of the Supreme Court (3 minutes)

2. Read the following article:

Potential Supreme Court Nominees, The New York Times

3. Search the Internet for “Supreme Court Nominees 2016”

4. Read a sampling of the media coverage regarding the candidates and the process.

5. Search the internet for information about the candidates (at least the one(s) you see as the best candidate for the Supreme Court Nomination)

6. Do some exploring into the background of the candidates, political and personal.


A. Which of the candidates do you think should be nominated to the United States Supreme Court?

B. Consider your position on the spectrum of “crime control” versus “due process” oriented. Which candidate most closely matches with your criminal justice philosophy?

C. How would your selection affect the politics on the Supreme Court bench?

D. How does the personal/political experience of your selected candidate suit them for the Supreme Court?

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