Crisis Commentary

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As we draw this very atypical semester to a close, it is important to think about how a CRISIS can affect and alter even the best communication plans of organizations.

Assume that you are still working for the company you have chosen to work for this entire semester. Think about how the crisis we are experiencing now might affect (and likely is affecting) that company.

Write a personal reflection of no more than two pages on how your work in this “organization” has been affected by this crisis.

Some key points to include:

  • Discuss the goals you had set in the beginning and the messaging you proposed in your calendar
  • Discuss how these goals and messaging might change in a crisis such as this one
  • Offer some commentary about how you think the IMC materials we’ve discussed and the goals you set might have improved the relationship with your key audiences so that they trust and support you during a crisis
  • Share any final comments about crisis communication and its importance at times such as these

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